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1. What do I get for my investment in time and money?
The LAB Profile® will help you market and sell your services by working with the unconscious triggers that your customers have. It’s a state-of-the-art communication, negotiation and coaching tool that differentiates you from the rest of the trainer/consultant/coach market. You will also get a membership in our stp Digital Learning platform, enabling you to deliver digital and hybrid trainings with ready- made courses. And we set it up for you!
2. How will this get me more business?
This LAB Profile® certification with the digital training already set up means you can enter new markets, get new customers as well as have new training and coaching programs with your existing clients. With our stp Digital Learning Platform you’ll be able to massively scale your business and work with large corporate customers.
3. What’s the difference between the LAB Profile® and NLP Metaprograms?

NLP more than 60 Metaprograms mainly to describe how people are and how they act from a very general (not contextual) perspective. Still NLP doesn’t deliver a clearly defined methodology to identify a person’s Metaprograms or any applications for purposefully using these Metaprograms in conversations or negotiations.

The LAB Profile®, which many NLP trainers are now using, focuses on 14 contextual Categories which massively influence people’s behavior in given situations. The LAB Profile® delivers not only a structured approach and method to quickly identify these Patterns but also a rich set of applications in contexts such as coaching, negotiations, presentations, training, recruiting and leadership. This makes the LAB Profile® a practical and powerful toolset for trainers, coaches and professionals.

4. What is the difference between the LAB Profile® and Personality Profiles such as the MBTI etc.?

Personality profiles try to generally categorize people saying you are either this or that type of person. The LAB Profile® identifies and predicts contextual behaviour and motivation patterns and gives you clear guidelines how to situationally adjust your communication style to the needs of the person you‘re addressing. This makes the LAB Profile® a powerful tool to get the most out of every conversation. Never feel like a round peg in a square hole again.

5. Can I train the LAB Profile® as a standalone program only or will I be allowed to enrich my existing and successful programs with the LAB Profile® or just parts of it also?

It is entirely up to you. You can deliver pure LAB Profile® training programs (e.g. LAB Profile® Practitioner) and/or you just take what you need to add even more value to the training/coaching/consulting programs you already deliver.

6. How does LAB Profile® prevent people from faking their answers?

Unlike personality profiles, the LAB Profile® uses a set of very conversational identifying questions and indicators that do not reveal their true purpose to the interviewee. Only the LAB Profile® expert will know how to interpret the answers and work with the results. The key is that we are listening to the structure and not the content of what was said.

7. Will I have a chance to practice all the LAB Profile® applications and tools during the program?

Yes! In our live online program, you’ll have plenty of opportunities to practice. In fact, more than 50% of the course time is practice time in breakout groups and peer-to-peer sessions – with lots of feedback to nourish what you are doing.

8. Can I upload my own content and courses to stp Digital Learning Platform?

Yes! We will set up the platform with the ready made LAB Profile® courses so you can hit the ground running right away. You can then add your own courses or course elements (videos, audios, handouts, quizzes) with so you get the most out of stp Digital Learning Platform to boost your business.

9. Is there a LAB Profile® trainer community?

There is a LAB Profile® LinkedIn group and we also encourage our trainers to directly connect with each other. This gives you the chance to exchange information and knowledge as well as cooperate in larger projects.