Shelle Rose Charvet’s
LAB Profile®
Online Learning Program

Learn Shelle’s Words That Change Minds formulas to understand and impact how your clients think, get motivated and make decisions.

There are many possibilities for how you can use my
LAB Profile® Online Program
in your work and all your relationships:

  • Attract more of the right kind of clients
  • Avoid being just like everyone else in your market
  • Speed up your ability to read others
  • Be more persuasive
  • Prevent, avoid and solve communication problems easier
  • Motivate yourself, even when it’s difficult
  • Find ways to be more effective in every aspect of communication.
  • You will know how to apply the LAB Profile® at home, in your business and with colleagues to have better communication, fewer conflicts, and inspiring relationships

Steve Andreas

Shelle, I can't tell you how pleased and impressed I am after watching you teach in this program.
I don't know if you realize how critical I can be-- and you gave me no opportunity to demonstrate that skill!
I have respected your work for years, but I was unprepared for the richness of the program--
especially the organization, sequencing, and nonverbal delivery.

This program ought to be mandatory in any program including training/presentation skills!

Audra Smith

I think this course is brilliant and it is already helping me with my work environment. I love Shelle's style. She is amazing!

Rebecca Linn Kjellhaug

I am so happy to tell you that I´m enjoying the online training program amazingly much. Well done on the production, and it works just perfect! I love your style, and love the way you use the language all the way. Everyone can enjoy (and have benefit of) this learning.

Jorn Porsgaard

The LAB Profile® Online Program teaches an operational method for use of important NLP meta programs. It's a great tool for coaching and personal development, which I highly recommend.

Cynthia Cauthern, Senior Account Manager, Chicago

I received five voice mail messages from my manager on Sunday night. I'm convincing him to assign me to a special project. I still have work to do because he's still staying "no"! I deleted his messages after the first 5 or 6 seconds because he says "no" first and proceeds to tell an unrelated story or discuss a musky he caught (a musky is a Wisconsin fish, very ugly; if it's offered, don't eat it).

After I deleted his first 3 messages, I thought about his language patterns and that I had just destroyed incredible evidence. I saved the remaining two, transcribed them, using the LAB Profile. I changed my approach and after a 30 minute meeting on Tuesday, he said, "yes". (Totally cool.) Now I'm convincing him to change my compensation structure. I'll keep you abreast of my progress.

Janine O'Shea Coach, South Africa

Your online program is amazing. You make it so understandable and clear. I have read most of your books and listened to the audios and must say, seeing and hearing you train in the video brings such clarity and "lightbulb" moments. As I move from session to session I see so clearly how I can use this skill to improve my Retirement Coaching conversations with my clients. It's exciting to think how / can verbally "nudge" them into moving forward more quickly with their own solutions to attaining their dreams, overcoming their self-imposed limiting beliefs and/or inner obstacles. Developing this skill makes me realize my responsibility in its use too.

Christiaan Lorenzen Germany

I am really enjoying Shelle's lessons and her style of delivery. I really appreciate the intercultural colouring, which is typically my professional context as well. Speaking of context, I really love how Shelle is clear on the aspect of "specific context:

Bernie Rogers Trainer & Coach, Ireland

It was a pleasure doing the course and I'm finding it really interesting now that I'm noticing some of the patterns in peoples' general conversation. It has whetted my appetite even further to attend a 'live' training over the next few years to get the full certification.

Michael Fooks New Zealand

Really enjoying the online program. Really looking forward to the future modules and embedding the "academic" understanding I had of Meta Programs.

Bev Martin NLP Trainer & Clean Language Facilitator, Portland, Oregon

Great job with the online course. It is tightly packed, easy to follow, great examples, interesting stories- super. I am thrilled to have the opportunity to take this training from you in the comfort of my home- it is a super program, great content and the added bonus of being able to be in touch with you and the other participants on Facebook is super. THANK YOU!

Olga Urrutia Belgium

Thank you so much for this course, I have really enjoyed it! The content is extremely useful, even if I had read "Words that Change Minds", seeing Shelle in action brings it to a new level. I really like your style, Shelle (must be the curls that do it 🙂


Price: only $699

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You get 60 days to try out the program, implement it in your work and your life. If for any reason, you think the program is not for you, then just send us an email. We will return your money right away.

No wiggle clauses. No hassle.

Meet your trainer,
Shelle Rose Charvet

creator of the Advanced Business Influence Certification Program

Bestselling author and the international expert on Influencing Language

Shelle Rose Charvet is a bestselling author and the international expert on Influencing Language. Her first book, “Words That Change Minds” is an international bestseller, available in 15 languages.

Shelle has been researching and teaching for over 35 years and she is known for her advanced techniques used to enhance rapport, trust, credibility, and influence. Her methods enable people to prevent conflicts, avoid stalemates in sales, successfully run high-stakes negotiations and presentations to help everyone get what they need.

Organizations in over 30 countries worldwide call on her expertise on the hidden subconscious communication processes: what drives people to do (or not do) things, outside of their awareness.

She founded the Institute for Influence and created programs for women managers and leaders that they can do both individually and in teams.

In this program, you will find out how to get and satisfy more paying customers, and avoid inadvertently using the wrong language and behaviour.