Influence People Through Your Words

Forbes Best Management Book 
For Entrepreneurs and Executive

How to Master Influencing Language and Get What You Want, Without Manipulating.

Do you know people who are hard to convince? Who dismiss ideas before even
thinking about them?

Want to know how to influence people, without being manipulative?

What if you could find out how people get motivated, make decisions, to be more
persuasive with everyone?

Discover the right words with the right people, and get through the “Communication Wall”.

The shift in power to the customer is now a certainty. In her engaging book, Shelle lays out precisely what’s going on and how to think about it.



The shift in power to the customer is now a certainty. In her engaging book, Shelle lays out precisely what’s going on and how to think about it.



Find out why Donald Miller of StoryBrand called Shelle a

‘freak of nature’

Why Should You Test Your Influence?

Learning and Certification Programs

Advanced Business Influence Program

Master the Language of Influence.

LAB Profile®
Consultant / Trainer /
Coach Certification

Trainers, coaches and consultants, get your license so you can offer a new line of business your clients will pay you well for!

Online Learning

Dip your toe in the water at the Institute for Influence. Take any number of courses from presenting ideas to skeptical people, ending stage fright, building long-term relationships with clients, and more!

The biggest return on investment

I must say that the dream of making the LAB Profile the cornerstone of my business and everything I do has now come to fruition. Of all the courses and investments I have made in my development over the years, your program has given me the biggest return on investment. I’m now so successful that I’m reaching full capacity.

And the real beauty of it is that you never stop learning, applying and learning even more!

David Klaasen, UK

I gained a lot of precious insights

This program has helped me find my “niche” and audience, make optimal use of LAB Profile® in marketing and the way I address topics to my potential clients in their appropriate way & style. Many thanks, Shelle! I gained a lot of precious insights and enjoyed the training very much!”

Claudia Falk, Schaffhausen, Switzerland

Truly exceptional training model

Extremely valuable learning both practically and personally. Great content, tone, and timing. Fun and Friendly. Shelle makes everyone feel recognized and respected. Awesome delivery. What’s unique is her personal contact and constant attention. Great experience. Totally worthwhile. Truly exceptional training model, delivered congruently and clearly.

William Cather, Charlotte, North Carolina, USA

This course has been life-changing.

The LAB Profile® Consultant/Trainer Certification Program has opened up many possibilities to develop a market/s for my own business plans. In my current workplace it can be used to better understand our clients, how we communicate with them, meet their needs and achieve our growth targets.

This course has been life-changing. I have learned an enormous amount about myself, the LAB Profile® and others. It has been an enriching experience. Loved it

Anne Lucas, Adelaide, Australia

An amazing experience!

The most engaging and helpful session I’ve attended in over 20 years. Practical and made me really think about how I communicate with others. 4 stars!!

Shelle was a wonderful guide throughout the entire 10 days. I learned a lot of new facilitation ideas just by watching. Her ability to ‘talk the talk’ is amazing. Without a doubt the LAB Profile ‘goddess’! My coaches were wonderful in running our integration group. I got new facilitation ideas, presentation and consulting skills and many practical applications. An amazing experience!

Richard Swiss, USA


Interested in Working Directly with Shelle?

Shelle takes on a handful of consulting projects each year to help organizations identify their buyer’s journey, the psychological triggers, language to use and avoid, and how to write their key messaging for the buying process.

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Write Persuasively with AI

Artificial Intelligence that improves your persuasive writing.

Our software for email: Identifies what is motivating people. Helps you use the right language to get a positive response. Now you can avoid inadvertently saying the wrong thing.